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Harmful resistant bacteria are making our antibiotics ineffective.

CETA and TTIP: multi-billion-euro deals which mean even more factory farming

Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP) MEP Prof. Klaus Buchner is launching a campaign

(Munich 04/12/2015) Today marks the launch of Prof. Klaus Buchner’s campaign ‘Klaus graust’s’. According to Prof. Buchner, ‘the widespread use of antibiotics has made factory farms a breeding ground for resistant bacteria, which pose a threat to people’. The planned free trade agreements CETA and TTIP would further aggravate the situation by bringing onto the market millions of tonnes of meat produced using the cruel methods of the factory farming industry, which generates billions in profits and produces cheap meat at the expense of consumers’ health.
Posters with the slogan ‘Klaus graust’s’ (‘Klaus can’t stand it’) have been put up in Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg to raise awareness of this important issue. The campaign website HYPERLINK “” and the Facebook page HYPERLINK “” are also now online.
Prof. Buchner cites research by the Berlin Charité University Clinic, which predicts that, unless immediate action is taken, by 2050 more people worldwide will be killed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria than by cancer. He stresses that ‘if antibiotics stop working it will be an utter disaster, taking medicine back to the Middle Ages. Bacteria enter our bodies when we eat meat and bacteria-infected liquid manure and poultry dung are contaminating groundwater.’
Buchner urges members of the public to call on their politicians to take action. Immediate measures to be taken include: banning the use of antibiotics on healthy animals and stopping the use of reserve antibiotics. Factory farming must ultimately be abandoned altogether, as it is predicated on the use of high doses of antibiotics.
More information and the campaign poster can be found at: HYPERLINK “” For any queries or interview requests, please contact Angelika Demmerschmidt, Communication Officer, 0172 9542700, HYPERLINK “”